There are different kinds of Gun Aficionados under the sun. Some are collectors, interested in technic, history or traditions. Others prefer to do with their guns what they are made for – Shooting!

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In the wilderness: Jussi from Finland

One of these hunters is Jussi from Finland, who loves to escape into the rich wilderness of his scandinavian homeland with his german Drilling from the 1930s. During these days and weeks his vintage Anson Drilling, imported by Stockman Oy, proves it’s best quality and usibility. The 65cm barrels made of Roechling Stahl in caliber 12/70 and 6,5x52R allow wing-shooting as well as capturing Roe Deer and Beaver on longer distances. What Jussi appreciates most, is the excellent performance of the Drilling, swinging as nice as a fine gun, bringing him a good bag of Capercaille and Black Grouse.

Anson Drilling, probably made by E. Schmidt & Habermann. The sidelever cocks the rifle barrel! ©Jussi


Anson Drilling, probably made by E. Schmidt & Habermann. The sidelever cocks the rifle barrel! ©Jussi

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Never walk alone…

Always with Jussi: German Long-Hair, Campfire and some handy Drink

…in the freezing cold and enjoy a beautiful nordic hunting day!

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  1. Well, as I am friend with Jussi, I know what it is escape from civilisation and hunt alone in the wilderness. I realy like Finland, and I feel myself priviliged to have a friend like Jussi and other Finish people. We have a durable friendship and I hope to spend as much hunting moments as I can with him.

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