This diary from 1894 is an admired piece of family history. Good to see how people in those times came together for hunting, talking and enjoying the nature. More than hundred years ago, but not so different from what we do today. That’s tradtion at it’s best and the old hunting diary bears testimony to it.

The old Hunting Diary from 1894. ©Hunting-Heritage.com/Brauchitsch

The book cover is carved in wood with the family crest and Initial. Will we have similar witnesses of heritage some more 121 years in the future? I have my doubts, looking around at all these smartphone selfies. And even if all the digital output will survive – how will someone find the right moments in this trillions of megabits? What do you think about? Please tell me your thoughts!

From the old Hunting Diary from 1894. ©Hunting-Heritage.com/Brauchitsch

The old script is not always easy to read, luckily my late father “transcripted” the most important passages for me.

Entry of Ferdinand von Raesfeld in the old Hunting Diary from 1894. ©Hunting-Heritage.com/Brauchitsch

Entry of one of the most famous people in german forestry and hunting history: Ferdinand von Raesfeld wrote in 1896 a short rhyme in return for hospitality. The following picture shows him hunting for woodcok on a painting of Ernst-Hugo von Stenglin.

„Ferdinand von Raesfeld auf dem Schnepfenstrich“, Gemälde von Ernst-Hugo von Stenglin

And some years later with his German Pointer.

Ferdinand von Raesfeld – forestry superintendant, hunter and author.
Roebuck, Hares and others: Memories of hunting in the past – Drive hunt in 1895 in the old Diary.@Hunting-Heritage.com/Brauchitsch



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