Well, here comes the solution of the riddle I baffled to you on April 12, 2016. It’s an early breechloading Gun from the Belgian Gunmaker Family Montigny. My friend Marc gave me a reference to a similar gun in the National Arms Museum in Liège and a friend in the Netherlands found this nice sheet in a german historic Firearms Book

Montigny 1833 ©BRAUCHITSCH

This interesting design resembles the action of ROBERT and that of PAULY and was probably inspired by the german Dreyse system. You can find the whole story here on the phantastic belgian website of Alain Trigger:

and another article about is here:

Les Fusils de Chasse Montigny Texte et photos Jean- Claude Mournetas

Hope, your French isn’t too bad…! Otherwise, try Google Translator

This Montigny Double Gun is not only a piece of Gunmaking Art, it’s also a real Collectors item, standing for the change from Muzzle Loaders to Breech Loaders.

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